You should now clone the repository for the demo Magento store locally onto your work station and make a commit. Subsequently pushing your change to the remote will instruct Fleet to build a new release. This release is stored within the release library.


Download the code repository locally on your work station:

$ git clone

Commit Changes

Use your preferred text editor to modify the index.php file, in the example below we are using vim:

$ cd ./demo-magento-store/
$ vim index.php # change text from release 1.0.0 to 1.0.1

1 <?php
3 echo "This a new release 1.0.1";
5 /**
6 * Magento
7 *

Create the new release

$ fleet release create {COMMIT_SHA}

Every time you create a release, Fleet will generate an artefact combining your latest commit with Fleet's stored application image. This artefact is subsequently stored within the release library.

Release Library

Fleet exposes a release library which allows you to manage your releases so you can load and activate them into environments. To view your releases simply run:

$ fleet release list

name    status    modified                  message
------- --------- ------------------------- -------------------------
8ef9d2f CREATING  2015-06-04 02:10:41+00:00 Pushing out release 1.0.1
037205f AVAILABLE 2015-03-26 07:07:29+00:00 Pushing out release 1.0.0