Configuring Fleet is quick and simple without the need to download any software.

Public SSH Key

Firstly, we will require your public SSH key. This can typically be found within your home directory:

$ cat ~/.ssh/


If you do not have a public key already, please run ssh-keygen at your prompt and follow the instructions.

Once done, please mail us the output of your public key. Your public key is public, and is safe to share with external parties. Never send anyone your private key.


Fleet is compatible with any ssh-accessible git repository, including Github, Stash and Bitbucket. This tutorial assumes that you are using Bitbucket.

Deployment Key

Add the Fleet public SSH key to your deployment keys.

  1. Repository -> Settings -> Deployment keys
  2. Add key
  3. Insert SSH key
  4. Save

Enabling Fleet

No downloading of software required. Simply run the following alias on your workstation terminal to configure Fleet:

$ alias fleet='ssh -t -o LogLevel=QUIET --'

You may now view what environments you have running and then describe the production (prod) environment to see the www URL endpoint with the following commands:

$ fleet env list

name    status    release   releases   certificate   created    updated
------  --------  --------- ---------- ------------- ---------- -------------------------
prod    RUNNING   037205f   1           prod         2015-03-24 2015-06-03

$ fleet env describe prod

---------------- -------------------------
name             prod
status           RUNNING
whitelist        allow-all
ssl              certificate prod
created          2015-03-24 23:06:21+00:00
updated          2015-06-03 05:35:30+00:00
health           check OFF
previous         release
autoscaling      min 2
autoscaling      max 10
---------------- -------------------------

name    status     loaded     updated   frontends
------- ---------- ---------- --------- ---------
037205f * ACTIVE * 2015-03-26 2015-06-03 2

--------       ---------------------------------
adminwildcard  *
wwwwildcard    *
--------       ---------------------------------

Fleet is now configured. You have established that your production environment is running and have exposed the production www endpoint for the Ancora Store