You can sign up for notifications to events releated to your Fleet.

The notifications will be delivered by email on important events such as:

  • Weekly usage report [resource_management]
  • Billing alarm threshold exceeded [billing]
  • Release creation failure [development]
  • Creating or destroying an environment [resource_management]
  • Loading or unloading a release [resource_management]
  • Adding or removing keys [user_management]
  • SQL script failure [development]

People who should be subscribed to notifications:

  • Developers who are creating new releases
  • The person paying the bills
  • Anyone pushing new releases into production

Adding a notification recipient

Adds an email address to receive notification emails.

The valid types can be listed by calling 'fleet notifications add --help'.

$ fleet notifications add --type <type> <address>

Listing notification recipients

$ fleet notifications list

Removing a notification recipient

$ fleet notifications remove --type <type> <address>

Sending a notification

You can manually send a notification to notification recipients for a notification type.

$ fleet notifications send --type <type> <subject>
Enter the body of the message to send
End with EOF (^D)