Accessing Your Fleet

In order to complete Fleet operations, you need to access the aux node. From here you can run the fleet commands.

Log in to the aux node

Test you can log into the aux node.

ssh -t deploy@aux.{fleet-id}

An easier way to access fleet is to set up an alias. Future examples will assume you have aliased the fleet command

alias fleet='ssh -t -o LogLevel=QUIET deploy@aux.{fleet-id} --'

Once you're done with the test and alias setup above, you should be able to type the following in to your terminal and get the list of available commands

fleet -h

Adding Additional SSH Keys

We'll preload your first SSH key so you can get in, after that you can add and remove keys at any time.

$ fleet key add testkey
Please enter your SSH public key. End with EOF.
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAz9ez0XtWR8exwSwmUdE5Gy8i1qoBa7vJI18hB+9FKpHvPK+7TUwxwtvdp2vBPfQcP2Pu4bL5EsWYwpCIQ2LlFeooqjeNIsoGxvqVmiNF+ax5uS83r3kzPVKhhoaT6PSj8zZY6JlzDUUA0TU9IrPDquV/u8YApixwP53z4hmcCI6QaVNF/1zrrxzDsJDSJxDXSSRIstE8YgsyNf8yrT3LNTjIp5zmHtnJzm24IuGqLGRRuONri5yPjB0393oSOs9yH1ex9YogeQBRlS7JTSb1Hqa0WIU8qrCt4HwMwSNHPUphTOB/nrpafmalA9XJcOYGPCMswSCPgGuJ7jT2HMREvw==

$ fleet key list
# name      key            last_modified
# -------   ------------   -------------
# testkey   AAAAB3Nza...   ...

$ fleet key remove testkey