Change Log


  • Support for


  • Updated notification system - now notifications and subscriptions are distinguished by type, so it is now possible to only subscribe to the notifications relevant to you.
  • Restore ability to flush cache through Fleet CLI


  • PHP-FPM error logs are now included in the aggregated logs
  • Magento2 logs are now correctly aggregated from nodes


  • Deleting logs now archives them to long term storage instead.
  • Support unicode in log messages
  • Support 'active' as alias for the active release in 'log view' command


  • Fix --delete-logs option to env unload
  • Fix log view only returning the most recent 10,000 entries per server


  • Autoscaling now has more configuration options available:
  • Setting high and low CPU thresholds for initiating scaling
  • Setting the rate at which instances are added and removed in response to scaling events
  • Setting the grace period between successive scaling operations


  • SSH host keys are now generated once for the life of an environment. If you would like to make host keys for an existing environment fixed, you can either destroy and recreate the environment, or open a support ticket.
  • CLI now prints a warning loading a release when the number of log groups is approaching the limit.


  • Prevent destroying a release if there are already too many snapshots created


  • Snapshotting support for NFS
  • Provisioning of Varnish nodes is now optional
  • Add --delete-logs option to env destroy and env unload


  • fleet log list now accepts environment and release filtering
  • Can set default environment when cloning environments. fleet config default-env
  • Can no longer load a release when near the maximum number of logs
  • Fixed environment creation when using Solr with an old AMI.


  • Fixed bug causing whitelist operations to error
  • Fixed report output when no environments/releases were running


  • Notifications sent on environment destruction and release unload
  • Protected flag is now user-configurable


  • NewRelic licences are now per-environment instead of global to a Fleet
  • Syslog messages now available in logs
  • Logs are now retained when unloading releases
  • Custom log files can now be defined for Magento
  • Show first/last log times for each log in log list


  • Increase PHP's max_input_vars setting to 10000


  • Prefix log entries with identifier to help identify different instances
  • Display subscription status in notifications list


  • Added JSON output for billing report
  • Added Billing alarm configuration




  • Support for custom health checks.
  • Added warning when loading a third release into an environment.
  • Fleet cron fragments (under /etc/cron.d/) are now readable by the deploy user.
  • Weekly Fleet usage reports now sent.
  • Autoscaling history now exposed as a log.
  • NewRelic license can now be unset if it was previously set.
  • Performance improvements to env describe.
  • Version number (--version) now has meaningful output.


  • Now uses ALIAS records instead of CNAMEs reducing the number of DNS lookups.
  • Wildcard endpoints are now available *.www and *.admin.
  • Simplified health check to reduce unnecessary recycling.
  • Added ability to run scripts on instance boot.
  • Now shows which environments releases are loaded in fleet release list.
  • Fixed conflicting documentation about Environment name limits.
  • Fixed loading VCL on release loading when using custom document root.
  • Added command to send a report about Fleet resource usage. fleet report usage.



  • Prevent reporting data to NewRelic from healthcheck.
  • HTTP Authorization headers now passed through to PHP.
  • Documented multisite configuration.
  • Implemented Magento Maintenance Mode.
  • Added ability to reboot database server.
  • Send notification on creating an environment or loading a release.
  • Endpoints for inactive releases are now available.
  • Installed xcache (PHP opcode cache).
  • Installed phpredis.


  • Install rsync on frontend nodes.
  • Document default maintenance and backup windows. link
  • Bugfix for fleet env create --no-snapshot.
  • Validate SSH keys on 'key add' using 'ssh-keygen'.


  • Documented which functions will increase your spend.
  • Allow Admin node to access Frontend loadbalancer, used for internal Magento API.
  • Increase idle timeout for Admin ELB from 60 to 3600 seconds.
  • Documented the Solr version we use (3.6.x)
  • Ensure database snapshot names are unique.
  • Install php5-geoip module
  • Updated Solarium documentation to specify port and path.
  • Increased httpd buffer size for requests with large headers.


  • Errors reports for created releases are now more compact
  • Bugfix for rate limiting retries
  • fleet release create reports an error if public key is denied
  • Log Database deadlocks


  • Export NewRelic Server Metrics
  • Follow logs fleet log view -f (updates every 60 seconds)
  • Bugfix for setting Solr endpoint when activating a release.
  • Warn when manually snapshotting non-HA environments, requires --force
  • Allow specifying --ha or --no-ha when Creating an Environment.
  • CLI now can show non-release-specific logs
  • Log MySQL slow queries
  • Documentation about CORS
  • Documentation for Adminer Database GUI